Abbey Theatre, Dublin

2013 Schedule

Details to follow in the next few weeks. We have speakers in the morning speaking for 25 minutes each, we have streamed workshops in the afternoon and we wrap up with one final speaker in the late afternoon.

Registration: from 8:30am
Kick-off 9:15am
(Each talk is 25 mins long with 10 mins allocated for questions)

Morgan McKeagney – Mobile Metrics: Measure what matters
Dena Walker – A mildly cynical look at every marketer’s favourite buzzword, “engagement”
Brian Harte – Social Measurement – Practical Experiences from Tourism Ireland

10:45am: Coffee, tea, nicotine break

11:15am: Conference resumes
Kathryn Parkes
Mat Morrison – The continuation of marketing by other means
Jon Morter – Condescending Corporate Brand says No
Erica Buckley – Harnessing the Power of Social Media Measurement

Lunch Break: 12:45pm
Lunch is provided in the main area outside the conference theatre. We are giving you an extended lunch to network or head out to lunch in D4.


2pm – 3pm Workshops
Barry Hand – What’s a ‘Like’ really worth? How to track the value of social media using Google Analytics.
Jamie Riddell – What, When & How: Getting more from your social media with presence metrics (Part 1)

3pm – 3.45pm Workshops
Gina Bowes – Bringing a company over to the darkside: How to build a social media strategy and KPIS for a large company
Jamie Riddell – What, When & How: Getting more from your social media with presence metrics (Part 2)
Stephen O’Leary – The Top 10 things to ask about Social Media Measurement

3.45pm Tea Break: Coffee, tea, nicotine break

Two final talks: 4.05pm
Shane Mc Allister – The Spy in your pocket
John Bell – Measurement Kevlar® – the Master Marketer’s Armor for 2013

We will have a networking event outside the main conference theatre for those that want to stay around and we encourage you to do so. There is a fantastic calibre of companies attending this conference. powered by WordPress and hosted by Blacknight.