Dublin City Centre

2013 Speakers

These were our speakers from the 2013 event, new speaker lineup will appear in due course.

We will have talks and workshops during the day. Buy Measurement.ie tickets now for €137.

Rick O’Shea

Rick O’Shea is the MC for this event.
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John Bell

Social Media
John Bell is head of Ogilvy’s global social media and business solutions practice. Read More

Mat Morrison

Social Media
Mat Morrison works for Starcom MediaVest Group’s London office as Head of Social Media.
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Dena Walker

Digital Strategist
Dena is Head of Digital at Irish International, where she spends her days developing digital strategies for clients.
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Morgan McKeagney

Digital Strategy
Morgan McKeagney co-founded iQ Content in July 2001 and since then, he has helped the company become one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies Read More

Barry Hand

Social Media
Barry Hand works for GrabOne Ireland as the head of marketing. Read More.

Shane Mc Allister

Mobile Maverick
Shane Mc Allister founded MobaNode in October 2007. Read More

Jamie Riddell

Digital Toolmaker
Jamie Riddell is the creator of @birdsongdtt – A Social Media Reconnaissance tool, Consultant af Digital Tomorrow Today. Read More

Brian Harte

Brian Harte is Head of Customer Engagement & E-Marketing with Tourism Ireland, the organisation responsible for marketing the Island of Ireland as a holiday destination. Brian is responsible for many of the customer interactions overseas visitors first have with Ireland. Read More

Erica Buckley

Digital Analytics
Erica Buckley works as part of the Edelman Digital team specialising in Insights and Analytics. Read More

Gina Bowes

Digital Strategy
Gina Bowes works in Glanbia and Avonmore devising their digital strategy. Read More

Jon Morter

Rage Against the Machine Fan
Described as a “Social Media Hellraiser” by The New York Times
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Damien Mulley

No no, he’s just organising it.
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