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Talk details for 2013 Part 1

Posted 04 Feb 2013

John Bell – Measurement Kevlar® – the Master Marketer’s Armor for 2013

It’s time to get serious about social media measurement and effectiveness. Global CMOs continue to report that their two biggest weaknesses are around data and social media efficacy. And yet, the tools are here, the next innovations are already in beta. From Brand advocacy to measuring the sales impact of social media, join John as he covers the three essential new “must-have’s” in the marketing arsenal. ”

Morgan McKeagney – Mobile Metrics: Measure what matters

Mobile is fast becoming one our primary digital channels. However we can’t look at mobile in isolation; we need to measure it as part of a multi-channel customer journey. From showrooming to dual screening, mobile is just part of an overall online experience. Morgan will take you through the steps you need to put in place the right multi-channel strategy and how to measure its effectiveness.

Brian Harte – Social Measurement – Practical Experiences

Tourism Ireland places a lot of emphasis on social media and has a significant social footprint. The presentation outlines the context for their social media activity, the need for measurement and describes their experience using their in-house model, SEAV. The model will be explained with guidance on adapting it for any organisation and illustrated with specific experiences from around their organisation and their worldwide presences

Shane Mc Allister – The Spy in your pocket

How little do you know about what your phone knows about you? Is your Phone a friend or foe? You may be constantly looking at your phone screen, but it’s looking back at you too – at your habits, your apps, your likes, your location, your direction, your searches. How is this information being used, how should it be used and why you should know more about who knows what!

Dena Walker – Breaking off the engagement

Blurb: A mildly cynical look at every marketer’s favourite buzzword, “engagement” – what it means, what it definitely doesn’t mean, what it can and can’t tell you, as well as how and what to measure… or not, as the case should often be.

Erica Buckley: Harnessing the Power of Social Media Measurement

Insights gleaned from Social Media can be extremely powerful. The key, however, is to move beyond ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and choose KPIs that accurately reflect core business objectives. Analytics for social media is essentially the measuring of human interactions. These are complex and dynamic, but can yield truly actionable data if the proper time is taken up front to pick the right measuring stick. Erica will cover Edelman’s approach to measurement, as well as useful tips for how you can begin performing better analytics, today. powered by WordPress and hosted by Blacknight.