Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin


We have a few speakers on topics around digital marketing and social media and the measurement of same. We are also splitting the day into themes.


Individual Speakers
Dena Walker from Irish International.
Sarah McDevitt from Radical will talk about agency war stories.
Eimear O’Sullivan from Lidl Ireland will talk about #ladyball.

The current themes we’ll have are:

  • Content
  • In-House Management
  • SMEs
  • Experimental

Each theme area will have 3 speakers who’ll talk about how they do what they do for about 7 minutes each and then we’ll have a Q+A.

Content Panel:
Katie Molony – Maximum Media
Marie Duffy –
Loretta Ní Ghabháin – Lorg media/TG4

SME Panel:
Emma Manley – Manley
Shawna Scott – Sexsiopa
Caroline Lawless – LearnUpon

In-house Panel:
Aoife Clarke – Lidl PR Team
Donna Spellacy –
Sgt. Rena Kennedy – Irish Defence Forces

Experimental Panel:

  • Rebecca Shekleton – 98FM
  • Lynn Brennan – ICAN
  • Anna O’Donoghue –

    Our M.C. is Louise McSharry


    • Dena Walker – Irish International
    • Aoife Clarke – Lidl Ireland
    • Donna Spellacy – DoneDeal
    • Katie Molony – MD Maximum Media
    • Shawna Scott – Sex Siopa
    • Caroline Lawless – LearnUpon
    • Anna O’Donoghue –


    • Emma Manley – Manley
    • Marie Duffy – SpunOut
    • Rena Kennedy – Irish Defence Forces
    • Lynn Brennan – ICAN
    • Rebecca Shekleton – 98FM
    • Sarah McDevitt – Radical
    • Eimear O’Sullivan – Lidl Ireland


    Panel Moderators and Song-starters

    • Aoife McElwain – Forkful TV
    • Ann Lowney – Eventbrite powered by WordPress and hosted by Blacknight.