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Want to speak on the stage of the Abbey?

Posted 03 Aug 2014

Abbey Theatre Dublin

The Abbey Theatre is a core part of Irish history and many involved in setting it up defined some of the future parts of a newly born Irish state. We’re really excited about getting access to the theatre for our event and it’s a great way of getting some potential speakers over the line to saying yes.

Given we have access to the theatre for the day and we’re going to have nice long breaks to encourage people to network, why not utilise the stage for everyone that’s there? So….

Want to speak on the stage of the Abbey?
During the 90 minute lunch break we’re going to give slots for people to come up on the stage and “Perform”. Want to do a poem? Want to re-enact some Shakespeare? Want to pitch your metrics tool? On a first come, first serve basis, people can have a five minute slot to go up and do their thing. And at the end, you can say you spoke on the stage of the Abbey. Yeah that might be a stretch but many of us work in fucking marketing, I’m sure we can manage this exaggeration. There is no guarantee you’ll have an audience of course because many will be heading off to lunch and they can’t bring it into the auditorium. Ticket holders only can avail of this.

The play that’s on in the Abbey that week is George Bernard Shaw’s Heartbreak House and the set promises to look fantastic and that’ll be your backdrop for your pitch. No, you can’t use a Powerpoint and the screen.

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