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Why Measurement 2016?

Posted 26 Apr 2016

So what is

It’s a conference that will show off great speakers giving practical, attainable ideas to people that work in Irish SMEs and Organisations. A nice side effect is that it will influence how other people run conferences, what people will expect of conferences on digital and get people to do similar conferences themselves: Conferences that are: low cost, high value without any belly fluff speakers.

Remember when the only alternative to enter your website work meant paying a fortune and watching as sponsors won prizes? Remember when awards shows meant bow ties and a cork up your ass for the night? Then we did the Web Awards and the Sockies and suddenly all our unique categories and fun things are not just at our events. Good. We want that for

How is Measurement different?

1. Really great speakers:
We’ve gathered really great speakers who do their thing daily. No theory, no academic papers and certainly no sales pitches from people that don’t use their own tools. Real practitioners with real data to share.

2. You probably haven’t seen them before, this is a good thing:
We’ve seen their work, know they can offer you value but they’re rarely been given the chance to speak at events because of the limited network

These are the speakers:

  • Dena Walker – Irish International
  • Aoife Clarke – Lidl PR
  • Donna Spellacy – DoneDeal
  • Aoife McElwain – Forkful TV
  • Katie Molony – MD Maximum Media
  • Ann Lowney – Eventbrite
  • Shawna Scott – Sex Siopa
  • Caroline Lawless – LearnUpon
  • Emma Manley – Manley
  • Marie Duffy – SpunOut
  • Rena Kennedy – Irish Defence Forces

Measurement 2016 Speakers

3. All contributors get paid
Now, we might not be able to give everyone a great fee but everyone gets something. We’d rather break even and have a superb event with great people that are rewarded both with appreciation and also a financial gesture. They did take a day at least off to work on this!

4. Sponsors don’t get slots
Nope, sponsors don’t pay to play. We’d rather not take money than corrupt our speaker list.

How we hope Measurement will make a difference

Irish conference organisers who bleat on that gender balanced digital conferences are too difficult to do because “blah blah women are at fault cos they never came to us” will no longer be a real excuse. Conferences that tell contributors they can’t afford to pay them can no longer be a real excuse.

A 50:50 male:female breakdown is not science fiction. Neither is a 40:40:20 breakdown for that matter. It’s 20 bloody 16. We could have a Tupac hologram give a talk if we wanted.

We need you and your help to make it a success

But your help is needed to make it happen. Come along, you can get tickets here. Or email your friends/colleagues that you think might like it. Or link to this blog post on it. powered by WordPress and hosted by Blacknight.